Working-class economic struggle in Taiwan

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White-collar workers fear for jobs
By Ruby Ying, The China Post, Thursday 5 July 2001. A survey conducted by Business Weekly revealed that 37.8 percent of Taiwan's white-collar workers were plagued by thoughts that they would be made unemployed. 64.7 percent of the respondent even said they were worried that the next generation would have to face lower incomes.
Taiwan workers mull US lawsuit over toxins
By Danielle Knight, IPS, Asia Times 11 June 2002. Taiwanese workers who used to make televisions and semiconductors for a US-owned factory have told officials here that employees at the plant suffered illnesses because they were unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals.
KMT labor union warns party as it fights for jobs
By Huang Tai-lin, Taipei Times, Wednesday 5 May 2004. The union representing Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) workers said yesterday it won't allow the party to dismiss the bulk of its staff to improve its finances.
Journalism group decries lack of media labor unions
By Cody Yiu, Taipei Times, Sunday 9 May 2004. The Association of Taiwan Journalists (ATJ) yesterday publicized the lack of workers' unions in Taiwan's media industry, which the group said frequently results in abuses of media workers' rights.