Policies on health and nutrition in the People's Republic of China

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Shanghai launches basic health-insurance plan
By Francesco Sisci, The Straits Times, 29 November 2000. The program, the first in a major Chinese city, is part of a reform package making people pay for their own health care and housing. Under the scheme, all workers in Shanghai contribute 2 per cent of their yearly income to a city health fund, while their employers give another 2.2 per cent to the fund. Retired workers need not make any contribution.
Guangdong, HK, Macao Cooperate in Fight Against Drug Crimes
Xinhua, 16 November 2001. The Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Conference on Policy to Tackle Drug Abuse and Trafficking was organized by the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau and the Action Committee Against Narcotics of Hong Kong. A mechanism for future cooperation in strengthening preventive education and in the fight against drug crimes. More emphasis on difference between hard and soft drugs.
China to Further Expand Health Insurance
Xinhua, 7 February 2002. China will further expand its health insurance program this year to ensure that 85 million people are covered by the system. The free medical care and housing which were among the major privileges for public servants, who had iron rice bowls, is being phased out. Growing expenditures on personal hygiene by rural and urban residents has been rising.