Policies on ethnic minorities in the People's Republic of China

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President promises aid to minorities
By Daniel Kwan, South China Morning Post, 9 March 2001. Building vibrant economies in minority areas will be the Government's main goal, adding better infrastructure, education and cadres. Both Sichuan and Yunnan are home to large numbers of ethnic minority people, often concentrated in remote areas with harsh living conditions.
China Vows to Protect Ethnic Minority Culture
Xinhua, 17 January 2002. China has vowed to protect indigenous arts and traditions in its efforts to raise the standards of living of ethnic minorities through economic development. China has put around 6.4 billion yuan (771 million U.S. dollars) into cultural development of its ethnic minorities so far. The culture of ethnic groups can be a major engine for local economic development.
Religious Repression of Uighur Muslims; Architecture of Xinjiang Suppression Detailed
Human Rights Watch, [11 April 2005]. The Chinese government is directing a crushing campaign of religious repression against China's Muslim Uighurs in the name of anti-separatism and counter-terrorism, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights in China said in a new report today.