Education in the People's Republic of China

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The history of basic education in China

Child labour a scourge on education system
Sydney Morning Herald, 10 March 2001. Fanglin fireworks explosion brings to light that primary schools forced to subsidize themselves by finding gainful employment in light manufacturing in school under contract to local factory.
New Unofficial Textbooks Offer Different Views
China News Digest, 7 June 2001. A new series of textbooks, the New Chinese Readings series for secondary students offer students different views, emphasizing humanities and the human heritage, rather than politics [brief].
China Expands Compulsory Education in Rural Areas
Xinhua, 9 May 2002. The second phase of China's project to promote compulsory education, to help students in rural areas have schooling. The project will cover 19 provinces and regions in central and especially western China. A total of 124 million people will benefit from the project, among them 49 million of minority ethnic groups.

The history of university education in China

Private Colleges Hit China
Patrick Randolph, 30 May 1999. New developments in higher education in China that have arisen only in the last few years. Residential private universities leasing resources in Beijing suburbs. Relation to Beida university. Tuition levels and ability to get in.
Wuhan produces grads
The Straits Times, 4 July 2000. China steps up its efforts to educate talent for the emerging Internet economy. The students take classes in literature, mass media, multimedia technology, computer languages and database technology. The number of Chinese surfing the Internet now 13 million, up 46 per cent from late last year.
Chinese view of US history has new spin
The Straits Times, 1 August 2000. Authors of Chinese textbooks are moving away from vilification and giving students a more accurate and objective view of America's history. It has become increasingly difficult to malign capitalism when so many here practise it themselves.
Chinese Universities to Enroll 2.75 Million Freshmen
Xinhua, 22 February 2002. The higher learning sector will continue to increase its enrollment rate while carrying out more reforms. By 2005, the number of postgraduates will have reached 600,000 [brief].