The Culture History of the People's Republic of China

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Origins of Yin Yang
Dialog from H-Asia list, 1 October 1998. The origins of the visual elements in the yingyang symbol. Taiji Tu and the Song dynasty.
Chinese live in fear of 8 things, says report
By Lee Seok Hwai, The Straits Times, 18 August 2000. Man-made disasters, health costs, corruption, retrenchment, property prices, retirement woes are among things people in China are afraid of. Many lives have been lost because of the so-called doufu projects.
Beijing Scoops the Last Ladles of Nightsoil
By Andrew Browne, Reuters, 23 December 2000. The history of night soil collectors. An end to doing the work by hand, as the last scoop finds its way into a museum. Much of the sewage from public toilets, as well as residential blocks and tourist hotels, still drops into septic tanks that are cleared by nightsoil trucks with long nozzles attached to suction pumps, for transport to the cabbage fields.
Chinese Increasingly Donning Traditional Attire
China News Digest, 13 February 2002. After many years of aping Western fashion, mainland Chinese are again wearing traditional Chinese designs, fabrics, and clothes. Chinese fashion arbitors say the trend toward traditional clothes first began about two years ago. APEC meeting as the impetus. The return to clothes from the Chinese tradition about bourgeois individuality.
China Leads World in Ethnic Cultural Study
Xinhua, 27 July 2002. The world's largest study of ethnic literature is underway in China. A conference, the first on ethnic education in a decade, will boost the development of ethnic education and research in China. The harmonious blending of ethnic and Han literature could gradually perfect Chinese civilization, while also reflecting the close relationship of different ethnic groups.