The political culture of the People's Republic of China

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Chinese Perspectives on Japan
A dialog from the H-Asia list, November 1995. Early 20th century Chinese student reactions to Japan.
Zhongguo or ‘Central Kingdom’
A dialog from H-Asia, 17 March 1998. Sinocentrism and whether it is narcissistic.
A dialog from the H-Asia list, 18 March 1998. A spin-off from the above discussion. Chukoku as the name of a district in Japan and rejection of Zhongguo as an appellation for China. The notion of being central and Confucianism. Sinocentrism as official, etc.
Unintended consequences
Editorial, Asia Times, 19 May 1999. The damage done to the U.S. image in China among youth as a result of the U.S. destruction of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. A new scepticism for U.S. political rhetoric. The policy implications.