The social culture of the People's Republic of China

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Chinese courtesy names
A dialog from the H-Asia list, January 1996. Asks what formalisms are being practiced in lieu of courtesy names.
Chinese Gender Classifications
A dialog from the H-Asia list, December 1998. The issue of multiple (9) genders and possible sources for this error.
Chinese Gender Classifications
A dialog from H-Asia list, 13 December 1998. While original query on multiple genders receives negative replies, recent sex-change operations reflects a distintive set of attitudes.
A dialog from H-Asia list, December 1998. Sources or a discussion of the origins and significance of the three kneelings and nine bows of the head that comprise the late imperial ritual act of ketou (kowtow)?
Ugly? Then Beijing bar won't let you in
The Straits Times, 4 August 2000. The problem of discrimination against the disabled in China. Public debate on Internet.
Chinese Burdened with Gift Custom
Xinhua, 21 October 2001. Multiplicity of social obligations with associated gifts are a heavy economic burden on people of modest means. Although burdened with the gift custom, there is no way to change the tradition as Chinese value relationships and appearances. One does not accept invitations.