The working-class history of the Guangxi Autonomous Region

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Recovery of Overdue Payments Urged for Migrant Workers before Spring Festival
Guanghxi People's Government, 5 January 2003. A senior official in Guangxi ordered local governments of all levels to ensure that migrant workers get their overdue wages. A survey conducted in late 2003 on 19 units in Nanning and Guigang cities showed that the units had delayed payments to 41.4 percent of their migrant workers.
WHO Expert Expresses Admiration for Guangxi Medical Workers' Fighting Spirit Against SARS
The People's Daily, Thursday 15 May 2003. The protective measures taken by local medical workers.
Guangxi to check on minimum wages
Asian Labour News, 8 August 2004. Since 2000, the labour department in Guangxi has received 23,000 labour dispute cases, of which over 10,000 involve in salary disputes. [brief]