The contemporary political history of the Tibet A.R.

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Stop the World Bank China project in Tibet: Call to a rally
By Neil Tangri, 17 August 1999. The World Bank Board of Directors approved a $40 million loan to China to fund the resettlement of 58,000 Chinese farmers into Tulan County—a traditional Tibetan and Mongolian area. The project promotes China's policy of colonization at the expense of ethnic minorities, and it also violates the Bank's own environmental and social policies.
Beijing blasts Europe for flak on Tibet policy
The Straits Times, 16 July 2000. Smarting from the collapse of a loan to resettle 60,000 Chinese in areas inhabited by ethnic Tibetans, China warns of threat to Sino-European ties.
Tibet's March Toward Modernization. . .
China Daily, March 2001. A white paper that describes the achievements and challenges facing modernization in Tibet. Shows why modernization is inevitable. (74 Kb)