Government in exile and intervention: Tibet A.R.

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Tibet and the Golden Urn lottery system
By Michael J. Sullivan, ASIA-L list, 9 October 1995. The recent dispute over the selection of the new Panchen Lama between the Beijing government and the Dalai Lama, Beijing has been arguing that the lottery process known as Shaking the Golden Urn must be used in the selection process.
CIA Operations in China—Another CIA Domestic Op?
By Ralph McGehee, [April 1996]. A two-part article on the U.S. collision course with the P.R.C. Also catalogs CIA interventions in China, particularly Tibet.
Chicago Tribune admits: CIA ran Tibet contras since 1959
By Gary Wilson, Worker's World, 6 Febuary 1997. Little about the CIA's skullduggery in the Himalayas is a real secret anymore except maybe to the U.S. taxpayers who bankrolled it. None will honestly confront the real history. It matters less what the Dalai Lama says than what he does.
China Hardens Stance on Tibet Anniversary
By John Pomfret, Washington Post, Wednesday 10 March 1999. Senior Chinese leaders attack the Dalai Lama as the source of all trouble in Tibet and charging that he lied when he recently expressed willingness to negotiate with Beijing on Tibet's future.
A critique of ‘free tibet’ activism
By Evan Roberts, 27 May 2000. Organizations and individuals throughout the world have called on the US and other governments to pressure the Chinese government to get out of Tibet. The author offers a Trotskyite critique of both China and interventionists, and suggests the Tibetans themselves should be left on their own to solve their problems.
‘Dalai Lama Has Fooled Us’: Returned Tibetan Compatriots
Xinhua, 24 April 2001. A returned Tibetan refugee regrets his having followed the Dalai Lama. Reports seeing real progress in Tibet and notes relaxation of Chinese policy after 1978.
Tibetan Man Convicted of Espionage Charges
China News Digest, 19 May 2001. A Tibetan man received an eight-year prison term after being convicted of espionage and separatism charges. According to Xinhua, the government he fled to India from Tibet in 1999 and was trained as a spy.
Strive for autonomous Tibet: Dalai Lama
By R.K. Radhakrishnan, The Hindu, 5 August 2001. In India, the Dalai Lama appeals to Tibetans living in India to get more involved in the struggle for Tibetan autonomy from China.
Fascism's other Characteristics
By YU gaung, 11 May 2003. At no time has any foreign country denied China's sovereignty over Tibet. In the 50s because of the Korean war, USA accused China of invading Tibet, i.e. China invaded itself. Foreign NGOs funded by the NED.