The economic history of the Beijing Municipal District

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Economic Organizations Popular Among Beijing Farmers
Xinhua, 27 May 2001. Some 223,000 rural households, or one-third of the total, have joined altogether 1,855 such organizations. It is estimated that an organization membership would add some 500 yuan to the income of each farmer.
Beijing Mentougou Gas Explosion Accident, Seven Officials Disciplined
Beijing Evening News, 21 June 2001. The accident took place at a small coal mine that was ordered closed down last September and its entrance sealed because of illegal mining by local peasants. (brief)
Beijing Remodels Financial District
Xinhua, 9 December 2001. The Chinese capital has remodeled the design of its emerging financial district downtown, featuring a four-hectare green square and two 30-story, 116-meter-high skyscrapers, which will be tallest buildings in the city.