The social history of the Beijing Municipal District

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Traditional homes bulldozed by modernity
By Pushpa Adhikari, IPS, Asia Times, 16 March 1999. China is changing, largely because of the ongoing market reforms. The authorities are clearing Beijing's hutongs, the traditional residential complexes of low-slung quadrangle buildings and narrow streets that have been home to generations upon generations of the same families.
Beijing unveils plan to raise living standards
By David Hsieh, The Straits Times, 8 December 2000. City aims to be like Shanghai and Guangdong with greener environment, cleaner air, bigger homes and wealthier people. The plan is the most ambitious one yet from the historic city. The proposals will be submitted for discussion at the fourth session of the city's 11th legislative congress.
City of Beijing to Demolish Uygur Neighborhood
China News Digest, 26 November 2002. The city of Beijing has decided to demolish the Xinjiang Village in the Ganjiakou area, displacing several hundred people and the city's last community of Xinjiang natives.