The environmental history of Guangdong Province

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South China's Guangdong Spends Heavily on Air Pollution Control
Xinhua, 31 July 2001. The first project of Guangdong Province in using sold desulfuration technology to limit discharge of sulfur dioxide. The project is part of the Blue Sky Scheme, in which the province will spend 5.7 billion yuan in carrying out 18 comprehensively harnessing projects, with 100 major industrial polluting sources to be treated.
The e-waste land
By Rachel Shabi, The Guardian, Saturday 30 November 2002. Today's throwaway culture has created a toxic timebomb—techno trash. Guiyu, in the Guangdong province of China, has become an electronic junkyard—a grotesque, sci-fi fusion of technology and deprivation. Electronic waste in general.