The economic history of Guangdong Province

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Killer blast at Chinese factory
BBC News Online, Friday, 30 June 2000. An explosion at the Hong Kong-funded Tuqu fireworks factory in China has killed at least 29 people, and injured around 200 more.
Records of Labor Abuse in Taiwan-Invested Companies
China Labour Watch, 2001 [n.d.]. The following incidents provide a sample of work-related deaths and injuries at Taiwan-invested companies in Guangdong. Most of these factories are local partners with many American and Western multinational companies. A large portion of their products is exported to the United States.
Guangdong Exports Half of China's High-tech Export Total
Xinhua, 30 June 2001. South China's Guangdong province exported 7.97 billion U.S. dollars worth of high-tech products during the first five months this year, about 46 percent of the country's total. The volume represents an increase of 36 percent over the same period last year.
Private enterprise, Guangdong style
Asia Pulse, XIC, [24 January 2003]. Citizens today have wider choices and better, more personalized services at the myriad small private businesses that seem to have spontaneously risen to dominate the local economy.