The contemporary political history of Sichuan Province

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Major Riot in Sichuan's Reform-Through-Labor Camp
By Guan Jie, in Hong Kong Cheng Ming, 1 August 1997, pp. 21–22. The prisoners placed under detention at the Yaan Camp in Sichuan angrily rose up in riot on 3 July and ended up in a sanguinary clash with the public security and armed police forces. The riot lasted 22 hours. Nearly 500 persons were injured or dead. Among the casualties, more than 180 public security personnel and armed policemen suffered injuries and 17 of them died.
Sichuan Cracks Down on Cigarette Smuggling, Counterfeiting
Xinhua, 3 February 2002. Crack down on cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting was a success in terms of illegal goods confiscated.