The economic history of Nihon koku (Japan)

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Of Debtors and Creditors
By Henry C.K. Liu, 13 April 1999. Japan has been unable to utilize its abundant sovereign credit to back its private investment needs. As a result, Japan looks to international capital (mostly from the US), money that really belongs to Japan.
Terraced rice fields on the decline
By Satoru Yamamoto, Mainichi Shimbun, Thursday 8 July 1999. Many terraced rice fields that adorned the nation's countryside for centuries are no longer used for cultivation and have become ruined through disuse. But their benefits are being re-examined by a group of specialists in Tokyo who are calling on people to protect the narrow strips of land to make them tillable once more.
Land prices tumble for 7th straight year
Mainichi Shimbun, Thursday 5 August 1999. The nation's average land prices fell for the seventh straight year last year, tumbling under the weight of the recession and selling by companies. The nation's economy is still suffering from the aftereffects of the bursting of the speculation-driven, asset-inflating bubble economy in the early 1990