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Subject: European High Court Upholds Women's Affirmative Action
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European court gives priority to women

UPI, 12 November 1997

FRANKFURT, Nov. 12 (UPI)—The high court of the European Union has upheld the practice of allowing hiring and promotional preference for women as a way of making amends for previous discrimination.

In Luxembourg, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of a law passed in Germany that allowed women priority in jobs in the public sector. The landmark decision could affect affirmative action programs throughout Europe.

The decision establishes a legal precedent for the 15-country European Union, according to the court, which released a statement saying, The mere fact that a male and female candidate are equally qualified does not mean that they have the same chances.

The ruling applies solely to those employed in the public sector and legal analysts said the decision would not affect preference programs of private companies.

Women's advocacy groups across Europe have hailed the decision as an important statement that would affect government policies across the continent.