The history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Europe

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Who are the real terrorists? NATO exposed in fatal plane crash
By John Catalinotto, Workers World, 18 January 1996. A new report based on documents seized from the retired head of Italy's counter-intelligence service has revealed that an Italian passenger plane which crashed in April 1980 just north of Sicily was shot down by NATO jet fighters.
NATO expansion: A dangerous policy
From Council for a Livable World, 13 March 1997. A brief paper criticizing post Cold War NATO expansion in Central and East Europe.
NATO: a dagger aimed at the heart of Russia
By Brian Becker, in Workers World, 3 April 1997. Retraces history of NATO since World War II.
Abolish NATO!
Editorial, People's Weekly World, 24 May 1997. Post Cold War NATO serves only to maintain US hegemony in Europe.
The battle for eastern Eruope: behind NATO's expansion
By Fred Goldstein, Workers World, 29 May 1997. The Pentagon/Clinton administration plan to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a controversial phase of the worldwide capitalist counter-revolution.
Peace leaders assail NATO expansion
By Tim Wheeler, People's Weekly World, 31 May 1997. On May 27, Clinton and Yeltsin agreed on Eastern expansion on NATO, and Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are next. Debate in US over the function, dangers and costs of this military expansion by the US.
Lenders worry at social costs of NATO expansion
By Janet Guttsman, Reuter, 2 July 1997. New NATO countries could increase military expenditure at the expense of social programs.
‘We're talking real money:’ U.S. military-industrial complex drives expansion of NATO
By Gary Wilson, Workers World, 10 July 1997. NATO as instrument of US military and economic domination in Eastern Europe after collapse of USSR.
Say No to NATO expansion
Editorial, Workers World, 19 March 1998. After the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved plans to include Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in NATO, it looks like Washington will impose this expansion on its European allies and increase the threat of war in Eastern Europe.
Who needs the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?
By Jim West, People's Weekly World, 21 March 1998. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) served as a battering ram and military enforcer in the cold war against the Soviet Union. With the cold war over, why NATO?