The history of the European Monetary Union (EMU)

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Strong man of Germany sinks after a bruising week
Kohl and Chirac bow to new socialist order across Europe. By Peter Conradi, London Sunday Times, 8 June 1997. Effect of elections on plans for monetary unification.
NYT story on European currency project
By Kim Scipes, to Labor-L forum. 18 September 1997. Significance of the Euro currency for any democratic control of Europe's economy and for the power balance in the world economy.
‘Euro’ Looks Likely, But Will Be Weak
By Carl-Erik Isacsson, The Militant, 2 February 1998. The prospects are dim for the euro to be a strong currency that will strengthen the hand of the main imperialist powers in Europe in relation to their rivals in Washington and Tokyo. And the attempt to implement the common currency will exacerbate tensions between Bonn, London, and Paris.
The Euro, Gold and the Dollar
Atocha, 26 November 2001. For the first time since the Roman Empire, legions across Europe are on the march for conquest under a united Euro banner. It promises to be one of the great historic wars for economic privilege.