The economic history of Europe as a whole

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Dissent and Confusion Surround North Sea Fisheries Talks
World Wide Fund for Nature Press Release 00.01, 13 March 1997. Overfishing the North Sea.
The World Cup of Global Competition
By Steven Hill, Center for Voting and Democracy, 11 July 1998. Some Europeans are looking westward toward the American model, marked by low unemployment of 4-5%, market and labor flexibility, low deficits and increased worker productivity. However, important distinctions should be noted about U.S. practices.
After the fall
By Antony C. Black, Swans, [22 March 2000]. Despite the hyperbolic celebrations surrounding the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (last November), there remains the matter of its consequences. It is difficult to ignore the fact that capitalist restoration in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries has, with only few exceptions, resulted in the utter economic and social devastation of vast sectors of the populations involved.
Banking Bunkum, Part 2: The European experience
By Henry C. K. Liu, Asia Times, 8 November 2002. A history of European banking from the 17th century. The ECB's determination to demonstrate its independence from eurozone political reality is preventing it from being a constructive force in economic recovery.