The contemporary history of European trade

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EU member states criticize commission banana proposal
BRIDGES Weely Trade News Digest, [19 February 1998]. The European Commission (EC) proposal for revising its controversial banana import regime is criticized by EU member states for including quantitative restraints on banana imports, arguing that the proposal is not consistent with WTO rules.
EU Cardiff Meeting Discusses Millenium Round, CAP, South Africa Trade Agreement
Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest, 22 June 1998. After three years and 19 rounds of trade negotiations through which the EU and South Africa have been far apart on market access for industrial and agricultural products, new offers on the table from both sides suggest that an agreement could be reached by year's end. Opposition to allowing certain South African farm products.
EU tackles sex trade
By Angus Roxburgh, BBC News Online, Friday 9 February 2001. A modern form of slavery is the smuggling of women and children into Europe to be used in the burgeoning prostitution and pornography business.
A privatisers' hit list
By Katharine Ainger, The Guardian, Thursday 18 April 2002. Demands by the European commission to deregulate services spell disaster for the developing world. Anti-globalisation protesters feel the World Trade Organisation agreement known as Gats is a corporate boot sale of essential services, from water to electricity to the media and is an attack on democracy that will lock the world into privatisation and deregulation of essential services.