The history of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

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Unions still firm behind shorter workweek
ETUC—The European Trade Union Confederation press release, 6 October 1997. Accommodation of the drive for a shorter work week with Europe's high unemployment rate through job expansion.
Building a European social movement
International Viewpoint, 6 November 1997. Preparations for the coming employment summit on 20 November. Critical of ETUC and pushes for more ambitious demands.
Unions Call for Equitable Distribution of Wealth
By Tito Drago, IPS, 23 March 2000. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is going before the European Union (EU) at its special summit in Lisbon to demand the implementation of measures that ensure better distribution of the benefits arising from economic growth and greater respect for social and labour-related advances.
Forward to Trade unions without frontiers (ETUI, 2001)
By Emilio Gabaglio, ETUC General Secretary, 2001. The history of the ETUC. Describes, but does not explain ETUI's long history of anti-communism and the effect of that policy on class struggle.
ICFTU & ETUC call for European Union action on Burma
ICFTU Online, 24 April 2002. The ICFTU and the ETUC have expressed their serious disappointment concerning the Council of Ministers' decision not to toughen the European Union's measures against the military junta in Burma (Myanmar).
Trade unions seek to ban genetic screening technology from the workplace
Cordis News, 3 November 2003. The European trade union confederation (ETUC) has called for the prohibition of genetic testing in the workplace, which involves the use of a test to determine genetic makeup in order to determine the desirability of workers.