The history of migration in Europe

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Ghosts in the Fortress
By Walid Taqatqa, Migrants against AIDS, May 1996. North African immigrants, the drug business, and AIDS.
The Changing Face of Europe
Racism, immigration and the coming police state. By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 8 June 1996. The growth of non-white immigration to Europe and the Schlengen treaty.
Boat arrivals in Italy—Amnesty International calls on EU governments to protect refugees
News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, January 1998. AI is concerned about the fact that several governments of the EU aims to close their borders in order to prevent Kurds from Turkey and Iraq arriving in Italy, from gaining entry to their territory.
Close Pabrade detention camp—release the detainees!
MAHA News Special, 26 July 1999. Somalian refugees in the Yanaua detention centre in Lithuania. The only black people in Lithuania appear to be in this camp. Abuse.
Rights Groups Slam Quota Option for Europe's Immigration woes
By Sophie Arie, IPS, 25 June 2000. Human rights groups and immigration experts here have slapped down the idea of controlling illegal immigration into Europe through a quota system.
Germany seeks workers' rights delay
BBC News Online, Monday 18 December 2000. Germany has said former communist countries joining the EU should face long delays before their workers get the right to take jobs in western Europe.