The social history of Europe as a whole

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Luxemburg demonstration: Action for a Europe without unemployment, without job insecurity, without social exclusion
From European Marches network, 5 November 1997. EM calls a demo for 20 November at the EU Social Summit.
A new start in Luxembourg
International Viewpoint, 6 November 1997. European Marches against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Social Exclusion (EM) network, to bring pressure on the EU summits to include the social component.
Tearing up the European rulebook: the unemployed loosen the noose
By Catherine Livy and Christophe Aguiton, Le Monde diplomatique, October 1998. Since the 1970s, unemployment has been part of the social landscape. A few months ago the unemployed erupted on to the social and political scene. The movement which they have started has been greeted with sympathy by the public at large.
Making an impact on youth
By Cecilia Locmant, ICFTU Online..., 19 April 1999. On April 16 in Brussels, the ICFTU launched an awareness-raising campaign directed at the youth of the world. The situation in Europe.
Ending Israel's occupation will benefit Jews and Muslims in Europe
By Seumas Milne, The Guardian (London), Thursday 8 May 2002. Since the French revolution, the fates of the Jewish people and the left have been closely intertwined. But now the left stands accused of anti-semitism because of its opposition to Israel's military occupation and continuing dispossession of the Palestinians.