The history of the Roma people of Europe

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First Roma get Money from the Swiss Nazi Gold
RNN, [25 March 1998]. A Swiss fund for Holocaust victims made its first payment Wednesday to Roma survivors of Hitler's concentration camps. Most recipients so far have received $415.
U.N. Report: Gypsies Repressed, Attacked in Europe
Reuters, 15 August 2000. Gypsies living in squalid conditions remain victims of racism and violence across Europe, a United Nations report said. Gypsies are also being evicted from their dwindling settlements near Athens to clear the way for sports facilities for the 2004 Olympic Games.
Declaration of a Roma Nation (IRU)
1 January 2001. This document is of crucial importance for all Roma people. It is a declaration of our will to convince world to consider us as equal nation with our culture, traditions and self-confidence.
Roma conference opens in Bucharest
BBC News, Monday 10 September 2001. An international conference is beginning in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, to look at ways of reducing discrimination against the Roma, or Gypsies, across Europe.