The history of superstition in Europe as a whole

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‘Blasphemy’ battles proliferate in Europe, elsewhere
American Atheists, AANews, #484, 29 September 1998. Catholic Prelates Threaten Legal Action Over Photography Book in France. There is a disturbing rise in the number of incidents involving charges of blasphemy and disrespect of religion on the European continent and elsewhere.
OSCE implementation meeting in Warsaw
Speech delivered by Human Rights Without Frontiers, 26 October 1998. A sensitive issue with regard to religious freedom in the European Union: the cult issue. A threefold pattern of real persecution is developing.
The Parallels of Islam and Judaism in Diaspora
By Sander L. Gilman, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 April 2005. Scratch secular Europe today, and you will find long-held Christian presuppositions and attitudes toward Jews and Muslims present in subliminal or overt forms. Recently German, Italian, Polish, and Slovakian delegates demanded that the Christian heritage of the new Europe be writ large in the European constitution.