Communist Party of Great Britain, What We Fight For

Weekly Worker, No.82, 16 February 1995

Our central aim is to reforge the CPGB. Without this Party the working class is nothing; with it, it is everything.

The CPGB serves the interests of the working class. We fight all forms of opportunism and revisionism in the workers' movement because they endanger those interests. We insist on open ideological struggle in order to fight out the correct way forward for our class.

Marxism-Leninism is powerful because it is true. Communists relate theory to practice. We are materialists; we hold that ideas are determined by social reality and not the other way round.

We believe in the highest level of unity among workers. We fight for the unity of the working class of all countries and subordinate the struggle in Britain to the world revolution itself. The liberation of humanity can only be achieved through world communism.

The working class in Britain needs to strike as a fist. This means all communists should be organised as a single party. We oppose all forms of separatism, which weakens our class.

Socialism can never come through parliament. The capitalist class will never peacefully allow their system to be abolished. Socialism will only succeed through working class revolution and the replacement of the dictatorship of the capitalists with the dictatorship of the working class. Socialism lays the basis for the conscious planning of human affairs, i.e. communism.

We support the right of nations to self-detemination. In Britain today this means the struggle for Irish freedom should be given full support by the working class.

Communists are champions of the oppressed. We fight for the liberation of women, the ending of racism, bigotry, and all other forms of chauvinism. Oppression is a direct result of class society and will only finally be eradicated by the ending of class society.

War and peace, pollution and the environment are class questions. No solution to the world's problems can be found within capitalism. Its ceaseless drive for profit puts the world at risk. The future of humanity depends on the triumph of communism.