The working-class history of the United Kingdom

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Communist Party of Great Britain, What We Fight For
Weekly Worker, 16 February 1995. Our central aim is to reforge the CPGB. Without this Party the working class is nothing; with it, it is everything. The CPGB serves the interests of the working class. We fight all forms of opportunism and revisionism in the workers' movement. We insist on open ideological struggle in order to fight out the correct way forward for our class.
Labour faces conference backlash: Unions warn Blair over suicidal split
By Jill Sherman and Philip Bassett, The Times, 14 September 1996. Trade union leaders said yesterday that the Labour Party leadership would be committing political suicide if it went ahead with plans to sever the party's links with the unions.
British trade unions in fight against effort to ‘modernize’ Labor Party
By William Pomeroy, People's Weekly World, 28 September 1996. The annual conference of the TUC was the scene of a sharp battle between a labor movement out to recover ground lost during 17 years of anti-labor Tory rule and a Labor Party leadership headed by Tony Blair that is endeavoring to modernize the party and erase its traditional identification with trade unions, with socialism or as the political voice of the British working class.
British Ford workers fight 1,300 job cuts
By William Pomeroy, People's Weekly World, 15 Feburary 1997. The Ford Motor Co. is threatening to throw thousands of British workers on the scrap-heap and their unions are preparing for a showdown battle to change the company's mind.
Long live May Day!
By Mark Fischer, National Organiser of the CPGB, Weekly Worker, 1 May 1997. Our Party is a machine and exists in order to fight. Politically and logistically, we constantly stretch ourselves—struggling not for what is ‘possible’, but for what is necessary, what must be.
Unions report reveals non-unionized Britain is ‘Hell on earth’
ICFTU On Line. . ., 227/970910/DD, 10 September 1997. Focus on Fear is the name of a new report and video issued today by the Trades Union Congress, at its annual Conference in Brighton. It shows the hidden world for many workers in a non-union Britain.