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Liverpool Dockers Reject ‘final’ Offer
By Robert Taylor, Financial Times, 21 December 1996. Dockers insist on getting their old jobs back.
Mersey dockers—Ron Dellums writes to Tony Blair
22 April 1997. ‘It seems incredible to me that 500 dockers were fired for honoring a picket line.’
ILWU Conference supports Liverpool
22 April 1997. The two resolutions of support.
Dockers defeat TGWU Executive
A LaborNet Report, 8 July 1997. TGWU Executive Statement on the Liverpool docks is defeated by Conference on a show of hands.
General Executive Council Chair rules out debate on Liverpool motions
LabourNet report by Greg Dropkin, 7 December 1997. The elected TGWU General Executive Council on 1 December ruled out a reckoning of the union's conduct of the Liverpool docks dispute when the Chair ruled that there would be no debate on the motions, and a challenge was heavily defeated.
The T&GWU General Secretary's View, and Ours
LabourNet interview with Terry Teague, international co-ordinator for the Merseyside Port Shop Stewards, 14 January 1998 [Most documents hostile to the TGWU are from LabourNet, not the dockers].
Liverpool dockers dispute is over
Letter from Jim Nolan to supporters, 26 January 1998.
The Flame That Lit the World; Liverpool Dockers End Dispute
Statement by the Liverpool Dockers Victory Defense Commitee, Oakland/San Francisco, January 28, 1998.
When you are a Liverpool docker, it never rains but it pours
By playwrite Jimmy McGovern, The Observer Review, 1 February 1998. Critical of Bill Morris, TGWU.
Yellow Pages, yellow wages—in our union
By Mark Steel, The Guardian, 2 February 1998. A critique of TGWU policy.
Exchange of letters in The Guardian
By John Pilger and Bill Morris, 2 February 1998. The Meyseyside dockers vs. the TGWU.
A Debate between Bill Morris, General Secretary of the TGWU, and Greg Dropkin of LabourNet regarding TGWU policy
A letter from Bill Morris replying to an article in The Guardian by Mark Steel, 6 February 1998, and a rebuttal, ‘Democracy and the Union,’ by Greg Dropkin of LaborNet.
Resolution on Liverpool Dockers
By the International Transport Workers& Federation, ITF Worldwide Inspectors& Seminar, London, 9–13 February 1998. Meeting of 100 ITF Inspectors from over 40 countries in 5 continents.
Liverpool dockers letter to their supporters
23 February 1998.
A Question for the T&GWU
LabourNet reacts to a Dart article, 5 March 1998. The relation of the TGWU and Drake casual workers used as strikebreakers.
An appeal to the Western Hemisphre Conference
From the Liverpool Dockers: Defend the ILO Conventions! 28 March 1998. Three documents: (1) the Appeal in Defense of ILO Conventions, (2) the Introduction to the Application to the ILO Committee on Experts, and (3) John Hendy&s Application to the ILO Committee on Experts.
Labour sells it's shares in Mersey Docks & Harbour Company
By Jack Hughes, Tribune, 2 April 1998. Labour sells its 14% shareholding in Mersey Docks & Harbour Company. Shop stewards were hopeful that the Labour government would use its stake in the company to push for their reinstatement. However, Labour remained neutral on the matter. The only losers from the deal appear to be the 500 dockers for refusing to cross a picket line.
The Aftermath of Liverpool—Where was British Labor?
An Interview with Liverpool Dock Striker Mike Carden by David Bacon, 15 November 1998.