Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 18:00:54 CST
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From: Workers World Service <>
Subject: Workers Around the World 12/21/95

Labor moves, planes and train don't

Workers World, 21 December 1995

Labor actions are sweeping Belgium. Workers, angered by layoffs and wage freezes, are on the move. As a result, planes and trains were not.

Sabena Airlines bosses suspended a collective-bargaining agreement during labor talks, in order to force concessions from the unions. Management demanded that its 9,500 employees get no raises for the next three years, but accept a 5-percent longer work day and shift flexibility.

In response, trade unionists taught the bosses what workers mean by a no-flight zone.

With little time to prepare, Sabena workers walked off the job for 24 hours on Nov. 29. All flights were canceled. Unionists blockaded offices and parking lots to thwart scabs.

Rail unions, which have stopped trains for four days total in the last four weeks, announced plans for an upcoming strike. Rail bosses want to hack almost a quarter of the work force of 45,000. Rail workers vow to stop those plans in their tracks.