The working-class history of Belgium

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Labor moves, planes and train don't
Workers World, 21 December 1995. Labor actions are sweeping Belgium. Workers, angered by layoffs and wage freezes, are on the move. As a result, planes and trains were not.
Railway workers walk out
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 28 December 1995. The Belgian government is trying to force restructuring and austerity down the throats of the workers. And, just as in France, the labor movement is fighting back.
Renault, Clabecq struggles
Workers World, 17 April 1997. Fighting against layoffs and cutbacks, workers in Belgium have waged an increasingly militant battle for jobs. Laid-off steel workers from the Forges de Clabecq steel works and striking Renault auto workers are leading the battle—which is posed more and more as a Europe-wide campaign against the budget restraints of a common currency.
Belgian unions in sex equality drive
Expatica, 21 September 2004. Three of Belgium's biggest trade unions pledged to tackle the continuing problem of sex discrimination in many of the country's companies.