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Subject: ADEFRA: Black German Women

ADEFRA: Black German Womenxo

HRNet, 23 February 1995

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Black German Women
Black Women in Germany

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ADEFRA is an amalgamation of Black German women and Black women in Germany to speak for and represent themselves. The name ‘ADEFRA’ means, in an Ethiopian language: The Woman Who Shows Courage.

While working on the book, Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out [published by the University of Massachusetts Press, 1992. Original title: Farbe bekennen—Afro-deutsche Frauen auf den Spuren ihrer Geschichte; edited by Katharina Oguntoye, May Opitz (Ayim), Dagmar Schulz, Berlin: Orlanda Frauenverlag, 1986], regular meetings started nationwide. Out of ADEFRA the Initiative of Black Germans/Black People in Germany (ISD) came into being where women and men work together.

We are Black women, born and/or grown up in the Federal Republic of Germany or the former German Democratic Republic and Black migrant women.

Our reality of life is mainly determined by being Black as well as being women and by living in white social relations without the background of a Black community.

ADEFRA was specifically founded to enable Black women to explore the basic questions of what it means to be a Black woman in the white German society.


ADEFRA fights for the end of prejudices, discrimination, racism and sexism.

We want to contribute to uncovering and changing racist structures, behaviors and stereotypes in everyday life, in institutions, in the media and in legislation.

We want to be recognized and respected as part of German society.

We want German society to have an analytical view of German history and politics concerning Black people, especially Black women.

ADEFRA is a forum for Black women:

What Does ADEFRA Do?

ADEFRA organizes and participates in local, national and international meetings mainly for Black women and also for People of Color in general.


Planned Activities

In Honor of Audre Lorde

We will begin to see each other as we dare to begin to see ourselves; we will begin to see ourselves as we begin to see each other, without aggrandizement or dismissal or recriminations, but with patience and understanding for when we do not quite make it, and recognition and appreciation for when we do.

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde initiated the book Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out. She brought us together; she showed us the way to a self-determined way of life. She taught us to articulate our oppression, in order to fight it. She helped us to discover our self-confidence by making us tackle our stories and the realities of life.

Audre Lorde believed in our actual potential to affect change throughout Germany. We, who had formerly been silent, Black Germans, women and men, old and young. She also believed in our growing power to participate in international change together with African-Europeans, African-Asians, African-Caribbeans and African-Americans (North and South) and all other dual-identity colonized peoples determined to recapture their true identities according to the patterns of struggles started and still moving among all oppressed peoples.

Her lifework is a legacy to us.