The social history of the Federal Republic of Germany

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ADEFRA: Black German Women
HRNet, 23 February 1995. ADEFRA is an amalgamation of Black German women and Black women in Germany to speak for and represent themselves. ADEFRA fights for the end of prejudices, discrimination, racism and sexism.
Autonomist Jailed For Kurdish Hungerstrike Solidarity
Translated and condensed by Arm The Spirit from an article in Interim, [23 January 1996]. In jails across Turkey and Kurdistan, 10,000 political prisoners and prisoners of war went on hungerstrike on July 14 and solidarity hungerstrikes started across Europe on July 20. The hungerstrike by Kurds in Berlin on a city square in a fashionable shopping district was brutally dispersed by riot police.
Joblessness Hits Record High in Germany
By Carl-Erik Isacsson, Militant, 24 February 1997. The big-business press around the world made the point that unemployment is now at its highest level since Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. Steps German companies are taking to slim down in hope of regaining competitiveness.
Students on strike all over Germany
By Andreas Hippin, 29 November 1997. National aims such as financial support from the state for students to enable them to study without being forced to do jobbing most of the time, more money for the universities for better education, more democracy within the universities.
Students demand education
Workers World, 11 December 1997. On Nov. 27, some 40,000 students converged on Bonn to fight cuts in education spending. It was the biggest student action in 20 years.
Judge believes policemen who say they've been offended by a Roma woman
RNN, 10 August 1998. The judge simply did not believe that the policemen had sworn, Hitler forgot to gas you, you pack of gypsies.
Germans reflect on social isolation
By Erik Kirschbaum, Reuters, 28 December 1998. Hardly a month passes in Germany without a report of an isolated soul having died weeks, months or even years before being discovered. It happens all the time in an industrial society.