Date: Sun, 8 Dec 96 14:59:36 CST
From: (Robert Malecki)
Subject: Sweden-More Social Democratic Betrayals!

More Social Democratic Betrayals!

By Bob Malecki, 8 December 1996

In an unprecedented bluff the Social Democracy, in answer to the rising massive movement against their governmental policy of dismantling the welfare state with its bougeois partners in the Center Party, have come up with a so called secret plan to create 50,000 new jobs in the public sector. And the mass media appears to have been completely sucked into this big bluff. Naturally the Social Democratic press is hoping for anything at this point to present to the Swedish working class in order to try and defuse the growing rage against the party and the open split between the party and its historic base the trade union movement.

In every major channel on TV and Radio and in the press they were talking about the 50,000 new jobs. And the whole thing is a big lie! A big bluff! And an attempt by the Social Democracy to make even more (!) cutbacks and higher taxes. Every Socialist, Communist, worker, or person must throw these lies right back in the faces of the Social Democratic government. Openly and clearly say that in fact the so called 50,000 new jobs that they are proclaiming is nothing other then a party leadership who is lying in our faces and trying to do another hat trick with numbers!

What this in reality means is not 50,000 new jobs-but quite clearly a declaration by the Social Democratic government to reduce unemployment payments even more, and to raise taxes! And No new jobs at all!

Because in fact the new jobs that the Social Democratic government is talking about do not exist! They say that this package in reality is to stop the local governments from laying off 40,000 to 50,000 workers in the public sector this year! In other words jobs that exist now! So this is not new jobs. But old jobs. And in order to pull off this hat trick they are saying that we will have to go in and reduce unemployment benefits even more! That is the whole gist of this operation! No knew jobs just new excuses to impoverish the unemployed even more then they are today.

Every trade unionists, every unemployed person, must throw this garbage right back in the faces of these Socialist traitors! Thanks for nothing! And we must even go futher. We must bring down this present Social Democratic government and its bougeois partners. They are liars and have deserted both the trade unions and the hundreds of thousands that now are on the dole. Our demand must be for putting forth a independent list of trade unionists, socialists and communists on a indepentdent program that will not only roll back the dismantling of the welfare state but extending it!

Our war cry should be. No political support to these Socialists traitors!

Break with the Social Democratic Party!

For a *real* workers government of independent trade unionists, socialists and communists!

On a program that rols back the dismantling of the welfare state and extending it!

Naturally this would be a great *real* step forward. But the present attacks on the welfare state here in Sweden and the criminal politics of the Social Democratic Party traitors who have deserted the trade unions and the working and not in the least International solidarity with the third world is in reality a part of the general attack on the poor and working class Internationally all along the line. The central reason is that it is not any longer Communism that is the main enemy after the disintergration of the former Soviet Union under the treacherous leadership of the Stalinists. The main enemy for the bougeois Internationally is the trade unions and the working class in their *own* countries. Thus they have declared war on all of the gains made by the workers movement since the end of the second world war.

Only by understanding that we are once again witnessing a confrontation of two fundemental classes in society the bougeoisie and the proletariat. And the bougeoisie is well organised and attacking all along the line. The working class has been left in a vacum of polical leadership with the destruction of the Stalinist parties and the desertion of the Social Democracy into the camp of the bougeoisie. Only by going forward and creating a new leadership, can really solve this crisis. And this leadership must be forged in the daily struggles going on today Internationally.

A party with the most militant and determined Working class vanguard must be created and armed with a program which will not only be able to fight the defensive battles -but can when the time comes go over to the offensive and make a desperate struggle for political power. And this must be done in every country of the world.

Thus only by creating a revolutionary International that can once again can take the lead can the future of a working class victory be made possible. All other ways can only lead to great new historical defeats!

Forward to a class concious working class vanguard.

Forward to the reforging of a revolutionary International

Bob Malecki