Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 16:31:22 GMT
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From: Robert Malecki <>
Subject: Sweden:Trade Union Bureacy Capitulates!

Trade Union Bureacy Capitulates!

By Robert Malecki, 9 September 1996

After the recent attacks on the Trade Union Movement by the Social Democratic Party and its Bougeois allie the Center Party in pushing through laws that would erase the principle Last in, first out and extending the employment on prove from 6 to 12 months, thus making permanent for the bosses the policy of a temporary labor force, the National Trade Union Congress which is in session has completely capitulated to this attack on some of the very fundementals of trade unionism.

Although numerous voices at the congress raised their voices for a immediate split with the Social Democracy in order to build a new party the trade union bureaucracy in speech by speech came up to the podium in order to put down these militant voices who correctly raise the slogan Break with the Social Democracy and its Bourgeois partners.

These labor leader traitors of the Trade Union Movement who defend a policy of capitulation to the party and its anti worker and anti trade union policies in coalition with its bougeois partners in the Center Party must be roundly condemned and removed from positions of responsibility in the trade union movement. They must be replaced with workers and trade union activists who correctly say break with the Bourgeois Center party and revoke the impending anti-trade union laws.

However, replacing these trade union bureaucrats whose loyalty to the Social Democracy and its anti-worker and anti-trade union policies comes before its fighting in the interests of the working class is not enough. Nor is a program calling just for going back to the good all times of the welfare state. The dismantling of the welfare state in Sweden must be seen in the light of recent International events and especially the disintegration of the former Soviet Union after years of counter-revolutionary and bureaucratic mismanagement of the Stalinist regimes.

This is the ultimate reason that Social Democracy is marching into the arms of the bougeoisie both in Sweden as elsewhere Internationally. There is no need for reformist parties to place themselves any longer between the gains of the Great October Revolution led by the Bolshevik party. Because the Stalinists have through their politics destroyed this great historic state which for the first time in history the working class seized power and expropriated the ruling class by setting up the dictatorship of the proletariat under the leadership of the Bolshevik party led by great revolutionaries like Lenin and Trotsky.

The Reformist parties of the Second International have made a decisive turn away from its historic working class base towards the middleclass and bougeoisie! By deserting the working class the reformist parties of the Second International open the way for the building of new workers parties. Parties that will not follow the program of class collaboration, parties that will not follow in the footsteps of the counter-revolutionary Stalinists, but Trotskyist parties based on the great historical struggles of the Bolshevik party and the Left Oppsition which led to the building of the Fourth International.

It is only in this way that the working class Internationally can find a way forward. That is by reforging the Communist International based on the documents and history of the Left Opposition and the founding documents of the FI and especially the Transitional Program.

However the way forward is not easy and is filled with obstacles. The Trotskyists groupings have made grave mistakes especially in the post 2nd world war period. Because of the long domination of both reformist and Stalinists parties many of the groups claiming to stand for revolutionary politics have in fact capitulated to both reformism and Stalinism. Thus liquidating the politics and program of the Fourth International that Trotsky represented. However all roads are bumby! But this is the only bumby road which can lead the proletariat to victory both in Sweden as elsewhere Internationally.

Today the main task is on the one hand defensive in fighting against the attacks of the reformists and the bourgeoisie against the trade unions and working class. And on the other hand. out of the ashes of both Social Democracy and Stalinism, but also all of those Trotskyist grouping who have liquidated revolutionary politics, a new revolutionary International must be forged. This International must prepare the cadre and leadership for the International Proletariat that is reeling under the blows of Social Democratic and Stalinist treachery and the high sounding voices of the International bourgeoisie who are trying to take back all of the Social reforms that have there start with the victory of the October revolution! The cadre that will turn this confusion and reeling towards and organisized movement to counter the great blows suffered in the last few years and from the defensive struggle over to the offensive in a desperate struggle for power and the crushing of bougeois rule and their lackies forever.

Forward to a reborn Trotskyist International.

Robert Malecki