The working-class history of the Kingdom of Sweden

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Nurses [it] wage discrimination
Workers World, 18 January 1996. Nurses in Sweden ended a seven-week strike Jan. 4 after accepting a new management offer on wages. Decades of wage discrimination in a job traditionally held by women workers. (brief)
The Ticking Bomb!
By Robert Malecki, Communal Workers Union in Sweden, 31 May 1996. A Social Democratic representative of parliment met with the unemployed in this Commune. The meeting, and atmosphere of rage and indignation at the very heart of the Social Democratic base in the workers movement against its own leaders.
Trade Union Bureaucracy Capitulates!
By Robert Malecki, 9 September 1996. After the recent attacks on the Trade Union Movement by the Social Democratic Party and its bourgeois ally, the Center Party, in pushing through laws that would erase Last in, first out and extend the unemployment waiting period, it marks the permanent policy of a temporary labor force. The National Trade Union Congress completely capitulated to this attack on some of the fundamentals of trade unionism. (a Trotskyite perspective)
Trade unionism in Sweden (executive summary)
By Reinhold Fahlbeck, ILO Labour and Society Programme, 1999, revised 25 January 2000. The picture is of a strong and bold movement, afraid of no one and willing to meet the challenges that arise. Criticisms of Swedish trade unionism. Appended is a list of acronyms and bibliograpy. (141 Kb)