The history of labor policies in the United Kingdom

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Outlawing Strikes
By Industrial Layabout, Freedom, 11 January 1997. Proposals on a draft Government Green Paper, including that the calling of a strike with ‘disproportionate or excessive’ effects would be unlawful and any employer of other business affected could seek an injunction against a union.
UK Union Left Revolt As Blair Appoints Union Buster
By Andrew Grice, Political Editor, the Times, 25 May 1997. Embittered trade union leaders are threatening to spoil Tony Blair's honeymoon by joining a left-wing revolt against his plans to water down the policy-making powers of Labour's annual conference.
Britain likely to resist new EU rule on works councils
London Times, 5 June 1997. Britain is poised to reject suggestions from Brussels that all companies with more than 50 staff should set up works councils and that those which resist should face sanctions.
Join the real world, Blair tells unions
By Philip Webster and Philip Bassett, The London Times, 10 September 1997. The Prime Minister told the trade unions in stark terms yesterday that they must cast aside dogma and join the real world if they were to have a role in creating a modern enterprise Britain.