The contemporary political history of the United Kingdom

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The British Role in Nigeria
An interview with the Fascist, Lyndon LaRouche, reported in NUAfrica list, November 1995. The British have orchestrated the situation regarding execution of Saro-Wiwa. Appended note suggesting that to LaRouche and some other extreem right wingers, the British is a displacement of the Jews.
British ‘debate’ about neo-liberalism
London Times, 2 September 1996. Tony Blair's attempt to reposition Labour as the party of modern social democracy was undermined yesterday when John Prescott pointedly refused to accept the term. He is trying to redefine Labour as the new middle party positioned between a clapped out Tory party and old Labour. Prescott insisted he was rather a democratic socialist.
A charter to let loose the multinationals
By George Monbiot, The Guardian (UK), 15 April 1997. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, without debate or consultation, has been negotiating a treaty which will reduce our representatives to filing clerks. The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) intends to outlaw all restrictions and controls that national governments might wish to impose on foreign investment.
British Monarchy Is In Trouble
Editorial, Militant, Vol.61 no.31, 15 September 1997. What's behind all this mobilization over the death of Diana Spencer? The British rulers face a problem with the monarchy—the institution they rely on to keep their United Kingdom together. This imperialist state is cracking a bit.
Support For Scottish Parliament Grows
By Anne Howie, Militant, Vol.61 no.31, 15 September 1997. On September 11 people in Scotland will go to the polls to vote on the creation of a Scottish parliament for the first time since the founding of the United Kingdom.
Left challenges Blair at British Labor Party conference
By William Pomeroy, People's Weekly World, 25 October 1997. The first annual conference of the British Labor Party since electoral victory has been the first major testing of the direction being taken by Tony Blair's government and of his leadership over the party.