The Red Army Fraction (RAF)

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A Brief History Of The Red Army Fraction
Arm the Spirit. New Left armed attack on representatives of German capitalism from Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhoff in the 1970s; decline of direct action in 80s in Germany and worldwide; difficulty of the RAF adapting to new circumstances and its effective demise in early 90's.
20 Years Since Stammheim
Arm The Spirit, 18 October 1997. The murder of the RAF prisoners in Stammheim, and the massive level of state repression associated with the German Autumn of 1977, had a great effect upon the revolutionary left in Germany.
The RAF Is Dead—But The Struggle For Liberation Is Not!
Autonome Antifa, July 1998. In March 1998, the Red Army Fraction (RAF) announced its dissolution. For 28 years, the RAF was an attempt to wage resistance to the murderous capitalist system and conditions of exploitation.
We Are Not Political Idiots!: Thoughts On The End Of The Red Army Fraction (RAF)
By Rolf Clemens Wagner, Jungle World, 13 May 1998. Yes, we thought, in the configuration of that time, that we had a chance to start something in the metropoles, to launch a dialectical process for liberation. But we never proposed that we, as a small, clandestine group, could tear down something with armed struggle alone.