The economic history of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Few Jobs in Germany as Economy Slips
By Naomi Craine, Militant, 29 January 1996. Newly released figures show that just two years into an upturn in the business cycle, Bonn is facing stagnation, growing unemployment, and a record number of insolvencies.
Moderate wage increases don't create jobs
IMF, 10 Feburary 2000. The German metalworkers' union says that restraining wage demands has not generated an increase in metal industry employment.
Diagnosing Germany's Labor Pains
Deutsche Welle, 27 May 2002. A new European Commission report says that without major labor market reforms (to gain labor flexibility), Germany will continue to fall behind its EU neighbors in economic growth.
Europe's powerhouse in crisis
By Larry Elliott, The Guardian, Thursday 6 March 2003. Germany is Britain in the 70s. Germany is about to go the way of Japan. Germany is the sick man of Europe. Germany is not what it was, and the Germans know it.