The history of capitalism in Germany

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German Industry Losing Appetite for Labor Struggle
By Edmund L. Andrews, New York Times, 10 December 1996. German corporations, which only recently appeared to be spoiling for a fight with organized labor, are on the verge of crying uncle. Major business groups are now caving in to union demands and beating a fast retreat.
German Coal Talks Outcome: Socially Tolerable Restructuring
ICEM Update, 13 March 1997. An agreement on the future of the German hard coal industry was reached between the mining and energy workers' union IGBE and Chancellor Helmut Kohl during talks in Bonn.
Big brother incorporated
By Eveline Lubbers, Smygo list, [25 July 2002]. Manfred Schlickenrieder was a spy, and Shell was one of his clients. Activist pretensions a cover so that he could infiltrate activist organizations and collect inside information about their goals and activities.
Siemens, Telekom Test Friendlier System for Shedding Workers
Deutsche Welle, 11 October 2002. Siemens and Deutsche Telekom are planning to circumnavigate employee protection laws and tough unions by turning to in-house employment agencies to help unions swallow massive job cuts in the coming years.
Volkswagen May Exit Employers' Group Over Labor Deals, FTD Says
Bloomberg, 24 June 2003. Volkswagen may exit an employers' association in Saxony to avoid industrywide labor agreements between the group and unions. Talks with employee representatives to negotiate an individual labor agreement.