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Subject: Beleaguered Muslim Regimes Everywhere: US Wants Your Oil

Beleaguered Muslim Regimes Everywhere: US Wants Your Oil

From, 16 September 1995

I want to answer a few of Brent D. Beach's <> comments from 'JASENOVAC: 'SERBS, JEWS AND BOSNIA', a paper by John Ranz, chairman of Survivors of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Incidentally, after posting the above article to the so called 'Zamir-chat' conference on the ZTN network I was removed from participation by the moderator, Ivo Skoric, in whose welcome to the network he complains that his friend was put in jail for 3 years for merely having a ‘Croatian’ flag i.e. flag of the Ustashe now flying over ethnicly cleansed Knin in the Krajina.

So as not to detract from the historical importance or divert the thread from understanding the Croatian neo-fascist nature of the Franjo Tudjman regime in light of the real fascism that went on under Ante Pavelic the last time 'Croatia' was an independent state in 1941-1945, I name this article:

'Beleaguered Muslim Regimes Everywhere: US Wants Your Oil'

It seems to me that the killing has to stop and that the current NATO offensive will put an end to it.

Why so? the Russians could come in. It may be unlikely but its not out of the question. The article (0) appearing above yours that Yeltsin's sabre-rattling is just for domestic consumption is true: The domestic consumption its for, is yours. Also, NATO bombing will embolden Croatia to retake Western Slavonia and Serbia is pre-positioned to fight for this.

Yes, the offensive may result in casualties, some civilian, but nothing near the scale of genocide practiced by the Serbs in recent months.

The war had practically run down to a standstill before the US secret re-arming of Croatia cranked it up again.

Most of the casualties were in the first 2 years of the war, before the UN got there to save [and they did] the civilians. Also, most casualties were from starvation and cold, partly contributed to by the embargo of Serbia. Bosnia-Herzegovina, the poorest of the 6 republics had only 2% of its land in agriculture; They imported half their food even before the war got going.

Serbia's Milosevic invaded the Krajina [last Serb held part of Croatia] in 1991, arguably to keep Tudjman from doing what he has just accomplished: their expulsion. Serbia withdrew in 6 months.

Then the Bosnian Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina (41%) made a coalition of convenience with the (17%) Bosnian Croats to shut the (33%) Bosnian Serbs out of political power, and, with US Ambassador Zimmerman's encouragement, backed out of a peace plan in Lisbon in 1991, which is close to the one they agreed to Friday in Geneva, [after 250,000 Muslim, Serb, and Croat casualties].

The Muslim-Serb coalition fell apart almost immediately. 20,000 Muslim followers of Abdic were fighting alongside Serbs against the safe area Bihac, before UN Peacekeepers extended the runway so C-130's could unload war material for the Croats and the Muslim Fifth Corps, which is based there.

And the Croats quickly grabbed the southwest portion of Bosnia-Herzegovina, an area we now learn is rich in oil. In recent months the casualties have probably been Serbian: May 1: Croatia retakes a safe area of Western Slovonia, then ethnically cleanses the Krajina [250,000 Serbs, the entire population, flee]. Now NATO with its robust response—which is an ill-hidden effort to let the Muslims chase the Serbs out of Sarajevo and solve that dilemma again with ethnic cleansing.

They've hit at least 2 hospitals in Blazuj and Ilijas, both just outside Sarajevo, just last week. You might think the following claim by Tanjug is unlikely:

The raids on the three towns [Nevesinje, Srbinje, Kalinovik] Thursday [Sept 7] came wave after wave and several thousands of bombs and missiles were believed to have been dropped or fired.

until you read the Operation 'Deliberate Force' press briefing for yesterday:

CNN: What is the age of some of the ordnance that's being deployed during operation Deliberate Force? I understand some of the walleyes are as much as 30 years old, they're from the 1960's. Because sources tell us that some of these weapons are not detonating. Do have any numbers as well as the age of some of this ordnance? But also, how well is it performing? One person told me that it was like throwing a 2,000 pound, 1 million dollar rock at the target.

Answer: I don't have numbers. I don't have numbers of total ordnance used. Nor indeed, do I have any details of age. What else do we have left over from the 60's besides bombs? Mr. Holbrooke was showing to friends in Europe an article in the French Daily Le Figaro touting him as. 'Le Kissinger Balkans.' (1)

The creation and timing of relief for the beleaguered Muslim regime of BiH occurs coincidental to the maturation of the signing of the Caspian Sea oil pipeline deals. The countries surrounding the Sea, besides, Russia, which is holding out for too high a price for transport costs, are all Muslim republics: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan. One way out is through Azerbaijan and then Georgia to the Black Sea or Turkey.

Four days after Georgia's President Eduard Shevardnadze approved a pipeline with Turkey he was nearly killed by a car bomb [Aug 28].

The only other route out to avoid the too-expensive Russians, and the hostile Iranians, is through the Eastern Caspian Sea Muslim republics, and across all of Northern China, which is seriously entertained, because, although at a cost of $12 billion, the fields are richer than the Alaskan, which are gone in 2015 if that tells you anything about how inevitably, and in the rather short term—hopeless, oil is as an energy resource. (2)

So, yes, I am seriously suggesting that Bosnia-Herzegovina was created in order to be battered and then saved to coincide with the maturation of Western oil investments in the Muslim republics of the Caspian Sea.


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