The contemporary political history of the Republic of Croatia (after June 1991)

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Croatia Offensive Expands War In Balkans
By Greg Rosenberg, Militant, 15 May 1995. The regime of Croatian president Franjo Tudjman unleashed 3,000 of its troops, backed by warplanes, tanks, and heavy artillery against forces commanded by rightist Serb leader Milan Martic in the Western Slavonia region of Croatia.
Germany covers up Croatian murders
Germany Alert, 11 August 1995. United Nations officials, Great Britain and France are among the stunned parties to that German-planned, U.S. backed Croatian blitzkrieg that has set off the largest human refugee catastrophe in Europe since World War II.
Beleaguered Muslim Regimes Everywhere: US Wants Your Oil
From, 16 September 1995. The Croatian neo-fascist Franjo Tudjman regime in light of the fascism that went on under Ante Pavelic the last time ‘Croatia’ was an independent state in 1941-1945. The war had practically run down to a standstill before the US secret re-arming of Croatia cranked it up again.
Croatian atrocities documented in Balkans
By Gregory Stefanovich, People's Weekly World, 28 October 1995. Months after the fall of Serbian Krajina, Croatian troops continue their rampage through the region. A three day offensive at the beginning of August drove out virtually the entire population of 250,000 Serbs.
The Women's Ad Hoc Coalition '97 to influence and monitor the elections in Croatia
From B.a.B.e., Zagreb, 1 April 1997. The Coalition from 1995 has been renewed and broadened to 18 women's groups from all around Croatia to promote women and women's agendas at the election. B.a.B.e. [has an English, not Coatian name, for some reason] has organized a seminar for forming the Coalition and deciding on a women's program and platform.