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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 96 19:34:38 CST
From: rich%pencil@VM.MARIST.EDU (Rich Winkel)
Subject: Belgrade: RAdio B-92 - the latest press release
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** Topic: RAdio B-92 - the latest press release **
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Another ‘Jamming Device’ Activated Against Radio B92

By Veran Matic, Editor in Chief, Radio B92, Belgrade, 1 December 1996

The single independent medium in Belgrade, Radio B92, has been continuously jammed since the demonstrations in major Serbian cities began gathering steam a week ago. More than 200,000 demonstrators continue to protest throughout Serbia every day. Today, Dec 1, 1996 the situation has taken yet another turn for the worse as an extremely strong transmitter has been activated on a frequency which Radio B92 uses to broadcast its programs. That is why the programs of B92 can be heard only in about 40% of Belgrade's territory.

Since the revolt expressed by the demonstrators who are protesting for the fourteenth day in a row against the theft of their votes by Milosevic's regime has grown more vigorous and determined, more radical methods of repression might be expected. We are particularly concerned about the growing possibility of a forcible police take-over of Radio B92.

Despite all the threats we've received so far, the journalists of Radio B92 continue with their professionally impeccable reporting on the latest developments in Belgrade and elsewhere, and the Radio itself has become an unofficial press center for an unprecedented number of foreign correspondents who are in Belgrade these days.

Reactions of the institutes dealing with human rights and the freedom of expression are still not very numerous, however. Counter-actions to the regime's attempts at repression have been taken, so that the police force in Belgrade is now facing the jamming of their own communication devices.

Here are the fax numbers to which you can send your notes of protest and support:

President Slobodan Milosevic -381-11-684-679
Minister for Information Aleksandar Tijanic -381-11-685-937
Coalition "Together" - Organizers of the Protest -381-11-322-8890

Our news service 'Odraz B92' will continue to be broadcast on the Internet in spite of a possible ban on Radio B92.

Veran Matic
Radio B92

Veran Matic, Editor in Chief tel: +381-11-322-9922
Radio B92, Belgrade, Yugoslavia fax: +381-11-324-8075
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