The IT, media, and telecommunications of Yugoslavia

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Another ‘Jamming Device’ Activated Against Radio B92
By Veran Matic, Editor in Chief, Radio B92, Belgrade, 1 December 1996. The single independent medium in Belgrade, Radio B92, has been continuously jammed since the demonstrations in major Serbian cities began gathering steam a week ago.
Radio B92 from Belgrade off the air!
From, 3 December 1996. Government officials came in and switched the transmitters off. They claim that B92 do not have permission to broadcast, while they have been broadcasting since 1992.
Untouchable Prvileges on the Air
By Slobodan Djoric, Spektar Media Association, 18 November 2001. The trio who presided over the Serbian airwaves for four years, treating this natural resources as though it were their private domain, the property of the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Yugoslav Left.
Court cures emotional distress
By Veran Matic, ANEM chairman, 7 August 2002. The Association of Independent Electronic Media protests a court decision to fine the publisher and editor-in-chief of Belgrade daily Danas in a case brought by writer and former Yugoslav president Dobrica Cosic for shelling the Croatian town of Vukovar.