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Date: Sun, 1 Dec 96 14:51:09 CST
From: Arm The Spirit ""
Subject: "Grey Wolves" Are Behind Arson Fires In Greece

Turkish deputy reveals: ‘Grey Wolves’ are behind arson fires in Greece

Arm the Spirit, 1 December 1996

A Turkish deputy from Tansu Ciller's True Path Party (DYP) yesterday revealed that Turkish paramilitary organizations are responsible for arson fires in Greece's islands while, at the same time, an article published in the pro-government Turkish daily "Yeni Safak" provocatively boasted in its title: "We Burned Rhodes."

According to the DYP deputy Sedat Bucak, the perpetrator of these fires was Abdullah Chatli, the leader of the extremist group "Grey Wolves". Chatli was recently killed in a notorious car accident in Turkey which brought to light the relations between Turkish mafia and the government.

These revelations came to confirm reports the Greek authorities already had in their hands, according to which, the fires that have devastated the Greek islands every summer were an act of arson performed by specially-trained forces of Turkish agents.

Greece's alternate Foreign Minister George Papandreou stated that the Turkish deputy's statements are "especially worrisome and show that various sabotage raids have been committed in our country with Turkish instigation."

Moreover, Mr. Papandreou pointed out that these disclosures by themselves constitute a criminal act which, in conjuction with Ms. Ciller's statements ("it is an honor for those who shoot for Turkey"), should trouble the international community.

Before proceeding to the necessary actions, the Greek Government awaits the immediate probe and reaction on behalf of the Turkish government, which, according to Mr. Papandreou, bears the essential responsibility.


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