The contemporary political history of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

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Turkish deputy reveals: ‘Grey Wolves’ are behind arson fires in Greece
Arm the Spirit, 1 December 1996. Indications that the summer fires on the islands are set by Turkish saboteurs.
[Human Rights in Greece]
By Ellen O. Andersen, Politiken (Denmark), 26 December 1996. The Greek Turkish-speaking Muslim minority. Behind the discrimination is the very tense relations between Greece and Turkey. The notorious Article 19 in the Greek Citizenship Law.
Strikes challenge government austerity
Workers World, 5 February 1997. Mass protests against Costas Simitis' inflexible and drastic austerity budget.
Athens misses a trick
By Panayote Elias Dimitras, Koha Jone, 20 March 1997. Revival of Balkan irridentism after the collapse of communist governments and failure to play a positive role in Albania; growth of racism in Greece under the Berisha government.
Hundreds In Greece Protest Intervention
By Georges Mehrabian, Militant, 21 April 1997. Communist Party of Greece (KKE) organizes protest of Greek military intervention in Albania.
Clashes on the Streets of Athens
From Arm the Spirit, 17 November 1997. Youthful demonstrators commemorate student uprising at Athens Polytechnic in 1973 which was brutally put down by police.
Greek ‘Blair’ faces worker backlash
By Alan Woods, Socialist Appeal, [6 July 1998]. Simitis, elected after the death of Andreas Papandreu less than two years ago as leader of the Greek socialist party (PASOK) under the banner of “modernisation” had 70% of public opinion behind him. Now it has dropped to 18%.
Efforts to Rationalize Greece's Balkan Policy: the Kosovo Case
By Panayote Elias Dimitras, Greek Helsinki Monitor and Minority Rights Group, AIM (Athens), 25 July 1998. In the post-Cold War era, the transition Balkan countries were expected to rely on Greece to help fulfill their dreams of integrating the Western community (i.e. EU and NATO). Instead of mediating, Greece contributed to the explosive potential of the region.
Workers And Students Join Rallies Against Government Austerity
By Georges Mehrabian, Militant, 11 January 1999. Close to 1,500 schools are now under student occupation in protest of an education “reform” law. Meanwhile, several thousand people demonstrated December 15 against government austerity policies. The demonstration was called by the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Civil Servant's Supreme Administrative Council (ADEDY).
Are Greek Socialists On the Way Out?
By Panayote Dimitras, Greek Helsinki Monitor, AIM Athens, 23 June 1999. The Greek socialist party PASOK, of Prime Minister Costas Simitis, ran second with 33% in the 13 June European elections, lagging 3% behind current conservative opposition New Democracy (ND) of Costas Karamanlis. Actually, the beneficiaries were the parties to the left of PASOK.
Thousands decry U.S. in streets of Athens
By Ray Moseley, The Chicago Tribune, 17 November 1999. A rising tide of anti-Americanism in Greece brought thousands onto the streets Wednesday night to denounce President Clinton for the bombing of Yugoslavia and to demand that he stay out of Greece.