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Subject: Trade union repression at Carrier Spain

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Two trade union leaders sacked by Interclisa Carrier in Guadalajara

From La Red Obrera/LabourNet, 30 October 1997

On October 9, 1997, Interclisa Carrier Spain gave redundancy notices to two trade unionists, Celestino and Mariano, General Secretary and Shop Steward of the Workers Commissions (CCOO) branch in the factory. The accusation launched by the company was that the information leaflet distributed by the CCOO branch last June amounted to “verbal abuse and incitation to indiscipline and disobedience”.

However, the truth is that the company is trying to set an example and make clear that it is not going to allow any kind of opposition to their plans to lay off a number of workers, and that is the reason why they want to sack these two trade unionists.

Already in January the company tried to lay off 17 workers, but as a result of the mobilisation of the workforce that was prevented. Already then, the two trade unionists now sacked denounced the attempts of the company of trying to get even bigger profits by cutting the workforce.

In a meeting with the company on October 17, management offered to withdraw the sackings for one month suspension of employment and wages for Celestino and 15 days suspension for Mariano on the following conditions:

The CCOO branch considers these conditions to be completely unacceptable. First of all because to accept any kind of sanctions for the “crime” of having distributed a trade union leaflet would set a precedent for the future. On top of that to accept not to issue any leaflets during negotiations would mean to accept an obvious restriction of trade union rights and to the right of the workforce to be informed by their union representatives.

The CCOO branch denounces that “if the company is launching this attacks it is not by chance, they want to pave the way, to eliminate obstacles for further attacks”.

A mass meeting of the workforce has already been called in order to discuss what measures should be taken. The two sacked representatives and the CCOO branch are making an appeal for international solidarity (specially if someone could provide contacts for Carrier workers unions in other countries).

Send solidarity messages to:
Seccion Sindical CCCOO Interclisa Carrier
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Director de Interclisa Carrier
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