The economic history of the Kingdom of Spain

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Two trade union leaders sacked by Interclisa Carrier in Guadalajara
From La Red Obrera/LabourNet, 30 October 1997. On October 9, 1997, Interclisa Carrier Spain gave redundancy notices to the General Secretary and the Shop Steward of the Workers Commissions (CCOO) branch in the factory. It said the leaflet distributed by the CCOO branch amounted to “verbal abuse and incitation to indiscipline and disobedience”.
Delphi Packard to transfer production out of Spain
International Metalworker's Federation, 9 February 2000. IMF Spanish affiliates will strike next week against the U.S. multinational's restructuring plan. Restructuring will affect 1,700 workers out of a total workforce of 3,500. The reason given for this restructuring plan is that the company is transferring production to Morocco and Poland, although the plants have no problems of productivity, profitability or competition.
Protesters urge Spain to scrap water plan
Reuters, 13 March 2001. More than 100,000 Spaniards marched through Madrid on Sunday in the latest of a string of protests against a government plan to drain water from the northern Ebro river to aid the arid southeast. Ecologists say the $21 billion plan will endanger the environment and wildlife in the Ebro area, but the government argues it is vital for Spain's development and complies with environmental standards.
Aircraft manufacturing plants protest U.S. halt on plane deal
Xinhuanet, 17 January 2006. Six Spanish aircraft manufacturing plants staged a five-minute work stoppage to protest the U.S. opposition to sales of aircraft to Venezuela. Workers and managers in the plants stopped work at the request of the managers committee and blue-collar unions.