Delphi Packard to transfer production out of Spain

International Metalworker's Federation, 9 February 2000

IMF Spanish affiliates will strike next week against the U.S. multinational's restructuring plan.

SPAIN: Following publication last week on this website of news concerning Delphi Packard's plant closure in Argentina, and the resultant effects of this decision on the workforce there, the IMF received similar information from its affiliate FM/CC.OO. in Spain.

This past January, Delphi Packard management announced a restructuring plan for its operations in Spain which will affect 1,700 workers out of a total workforce of 3,500, employed in five plants throughout the country. The reason given for this restructuring plan is that the company is transferring production to Morocco and Poland.

However, in the last few years, reports the FM/CC.OO., the U.S.-based multinational has been making annual profits in Spain of US$30 million and has no problems of productivity, profitability or competition. Delphi Packard's sole objective is to reduce costs by transferring production to lower wage-cost countries.

Both the CC.OO. and the UGT trade unions have protested against the company's restructuring plan and, although they are presently negotiating with management, have called for a seven-day all-out strike from February 14-20, 2000.

Messages of solidarity with the Spanish affiliates for their strike action would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to: